To Mom: Starting Carstons

To Mom: Starting Carstons

Hey Mom,

Hope everything is going well with your recovery from surgery. For the past 6ish years, I have always wanted a keychain with some of my favorite cars on it. Well, here I am building the thing I want!

Here is how I am doing it.

I started by using GPT-4 to make an image of a GT3RS keychain and it actually did a pretty good job. I had some trouble getting the right style but eventually it came out to something that I thought was presentable.

Next, I created this Shopify store and named it after myself because I like cars a ton! Thanks for having a big role in my naming! This was slightly tricky because I don't know much about the Shopify interface but I think I have the bare necessities.

Now I am running ads of that image on a couple of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is just the image of the GT3RS keychain with a link. Nothing fancy, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

A few things I am worried about:

Using brand names that go along with the cars. I asked ChatGPT and it said I should probably not do that.

Selling products without actually having the product yet. Now I have actually started working with a keychain company but my main concern is going to be the lead times between the customer ordering and actually receiving the product.

Not looking 100% official. With the small amount of money I want to put into this, I am going to be cutting some corners. One of the trade-offs is using a Shopify account that doesn't let me connect my own domain. Hopefully, people won't notice or care.

Ads not working and ending up wasting money. But in reality, I will test with around $100 to see if I get any bites and if I can make back my investment and maybe even incur a small loss of $20. I will continue to do it. It's just a passion project and I can just think of it as buying a pair of new shoes.

Anyways, I thought I would just keep you updated in a fun way and remind you that you are a great Mom!


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